Women’s Long-Term Care Needs

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Dorothyl: 'We accept what we think we deserve~ Apr 26, 2018 13:35:22 GMT -5
Dorothyl: If you think negative thoughts... you will promote a negative self~ Apr 26, 2018 13:25:00 GMT -5
Dorothyl: Hello lightningdust404... Any member that is here can read these comments as they are public. This is our chat board which you can put up good feeling thoughts for all ~ Jan 20, 2018 14:35:41 GMT -5
Dorothyl: Every day, wake up and say... I am awesome because I am me~ There is only one of me and that makes me unique and special :) Oct 31, 2017 7:42:27 GMT -5
Dorothyl: Never, ever identify yourself with what you think others may think of you. Aug 20, 2017 16:38:30 GMT -5
Dorothyl: Being at peace with your inner-you and what you have to offer others are two major parts of having a high self-esteem. May 6, 2017 13:41:44 GMT -5
Dorothyl: You are your own body image... Stop relating to fashion magazines and start relating to who you are and what makes you feel good! Mar 11, 2017 18:11:14 GMT -5